Activities calendar

Our chapter offers a wide range of activities
                                for moms and kids. For security reasons, we
                                can not post our current calendar online, but
                                several sample calendars are below. To come
                                to an upcoming event, please contact us.
Note: We also have playgroups that meet on a regular basis.
Sample Summer Month

1st (Friday) - 9:30am
Monthly Meeting & Guest Speaker

4th (Monday) - 10am
Zoo Day - Pack a lunch and stay awhile

7th (Thursday) - 9am
Park Day - Enjoy the play equipment

13th (Tuesday) - 10am
Tour of Ice Cream Shop

15th (Friday) - 11am
Park & Wading Pool Day

18th (Monday) - 9:30am
Storytime- Enjoy some stories about animals

20th (Wednesday)  - 3:30pm
Afternoon playtime

21st (Thursday) - 6:30pm
MOMS Nigt Out at local restaurant

26th (Tuesday) - 10am
Living History Farms

28th (Thursday) - 10:30am
Recipe Club - Theme is summer salads
Sample Winter Month

2nd (Friday) - 9:30am
Monthly Meeting & Round Table Discussion about preschools

6th (Tuesday) - 10am
Jumping Jacks

7th (Wednesday) - 7:00pm
MOMS Night In - Dessert Night, meet at member's home and bring a dessert to share

8th (Thursday) - 9:00am
Breakfast Bunch at Panera

12th (Monday) - 10am
Mommy Project Hour

14th (Wednesday) - 10:30am
Mall play area & lunch

16th (Friday) - 10am
Science Center

20th (Tuesday) - 10am
Urbandale Gymnastics

22nd (Thursday) - 10:30am
Tour of pet store

26th (Monday) - 12:00pm
Archie Brooks Center

28th (Wednesday) - 3:30pm
Storytime at local store

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