1.  What is MOMS Club®?
® is an international non-profit organization that provides support for mothers who are home with their children during the day.  Please visit the International MOMS Club® site for more information.
2.  How do I become a member?
Please see
"Become a Member".

3.  How much are dues and what are they for?
Dues are $25 per year.  Dues are payable upon joining and again each year by your anniversary date.  This money allows us to print newsletters, name tags, pay international dues, provide craft supplies, and much more!

4.  What activities are available?
Please see
"Activities" and "Service Projects".

5.  Do I have to attend every meeting and activity?
There is no requirement to attend any meeting or activities.  Your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

6.  Are activities always held in certain areas and times?
We try to provide a wide assortment of activities convenient to all of our members.

7.  Where are members from?
We currently have members from Clive, Grimes, Johnston,  Urbandale,  Waukee, Windsor Heights, and West Des Moines.

8.  Who should I contact with additional questions?
Please send us an email at
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Please note that neither the MOMS Club® of West Des Moines, Iowat, nor the International MOMS Club®, endorses any advertisers or businesses listed on this website.